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Mardi 2
avril 2024

Applied Reactive Transport Modelling Course 2024 at ENSEGID - New topics : CO2, hydrogen and PFAs

O. Atteia (UMR EPOC), H. Prommer (CSIRO, AUS), L. André (BRGM), N. Devau (BRGM) and B. Coral (Numineo)

The main objective of Applied Reactive Transport Modelling courses is to understand and put into practice the modeling of reactive transport in groundwater and storage systems on a large spectrum of topics. Most of the time will be spent practicing on the computer with free software. The topics covered are broad (geochemistry, gas injection, PFAs, etc.) but it will also be possible for participants to come with their own topics. Lectures and simple exercises will be given in the morning and longer exercises will be chosen among three in the afternoon.


L'objectif principal des cours de modélisation appliquée du transport réactif est de comprendre et de mettre en pratique la modélisation du transport réactif dans les eaux souterraines et les systèmes de stockage sur un large spectre de sujets. La plupart du temps sera consacré à la pratique sur ordinateur avec des logiciels gratuits. Les thématiques abordées sont diverses (géochimie, injection de gaz, PFAs, etc.) mais il sera également possible aux participants de venir avec leurs propres thématiques. Des cours magistraux et des exercices simples seront donnés le matin et des exercices plus longs seront choisis parmi trois l'après-midi.


Applied Reactive Transport Modelling Course 2024 at ENSEGID - Bordeaux INP

Registrations are closed

Program 2024 May 13 - 17th

Monday : Flow & transport


  • Flow modelling (including unsaturated and 2 phase flow)
  • Transport modelling (including temperature, density)
  • The ORTI3D modelling platforms, models available
  • A simple exercise to use the interface

Afternoon - cases

  • 2D flow and transport : groundwater river interaction
  • 3D flow with an emphasis on boundary conditions
  • Variable density flow in a cross-section
  • Unsaturated flow in a 1D soil profile

Tuesday : Chemistry


  • Geochemistry : main reaction types, database, Phreeqc
  • Typical examples in groundwater
  • Ion exchange and surface complexation
  • Kinetics and biodegradation

Afternoon - cases

  • 2D cross section with ion exchange and mineral dissolution/precipitation
  • Biodegradation reactions during fermentation
  • Aquifer Storage & Recovery system: radial injection with surface complexation

Wednesday : Gases and temperature


  • Effect of temperature on reactions
  • Gas phases and interactions with water
  • Geothermal reactions
  • Simple exercise (temperature and gas)


  • CO2 injection with carbonates reaction in a deep well
  • H2 injection including biodegradation in a radial system
  • Reinjection of geothermal brines, temperature dependant reactions

Thursday : Organic compounds 


  • Typical organic compounds, behavior, setting database
  • Enhanced biodegradation processes
  • PFAs compounds behavior : degradation, sorption
  • Simple exercise (basic kinetics)

Afternoon - cases

  • PFAs in unsaturated zone, capillary fringe, reactions
  • BTEX as NAPL with biodegradation and volatilization
  • Chlorinated solvents degradation with lactate injection

Friday : Advanced concepts 

  • Using PEST (or other optimization tool)
  • Using ORTI3D with python
  • Developing in OpenFoam
  • Work on your own case

Practical work will be done local computers but one can come with his own laptop. The used softwares are all free access (Orti3D, Phreeqc, OpenFoam).

Practical and administrative information

Course will be held at : ENSEGID - Bordeaux INP (France). [ Campus map - research Bordeaux INP - ENSEGID ]

The course will be taught by Olivier Atteia (UMR EPOC), Henning Prommer (CSIRO, AUS), Laurent André (BRGM), Nicalos Devau (BRGM) and Beatriz Coral (Numineo)

Contact : olivier.atteia@bordeaux-inp.fr

Inscription Fees

The fees can be for one to 5 days. A one day coming is not advised except if you have already a good level in flow/transport modelling and Phreeqc. The inscription shall be done before April 15th.

Fees include midday meals





1 day

600 €

450 €

300 €

2 days

1200 €

900 €

600 €

3 days

1800 €

1350 €

900 €

4-5 days

2400 €

1800 €

1200 €


Registrations are closed

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12 janvier 2024