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International student - Environmental and geological sciences

Welcome to the Geosciences Engineering School ENSEGID of Bordeaux INP providing courses at Master level.

We aim to educate students in environmental sciences and geological sciences for those who want to play a role in the energy transition, remediation of contaminated sites, geological reservoirs and risks, water ressources, georessource and essential knowledge for building a climate-resilient and low-carbon world.

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Since 2011, ENSEGID - Bordeaux INP has trained multi-skilled engineers in the fields of exploration, exploitation and balanced management of natural ressources, with a sustainable development approach. The ENSEGID programme covers all the multidisciplinary aspects necessary for environmental management issues, but what sets it apart is its focus on professional internships, numerous field classes, and applied project-based learning

ENSEGID our aim is to train engaged, socially-responsible engineers who are prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century: energy resources, water and environmental management. To do so, ENSEGID offers high-level training with a professional focus and an international outlook. It is also draws on basic and applied research activities to respond to the specific needs of companies, design offices and local authorities. The training programme is structured around multidisciplinary and specialised courses to provide future engineers with in-depth knowledge of the natural environment and mastery of the scientific and technical tools necessary for their future careers.

When you choose ENSEGID, you are choosing professional success at a dynamic, close-knit engineering school.

" The courses at ENSEGID are characterized by its highly practical component. For every theoretical unit there are usually corresponding practical courses which are held in small study groups. There exists a personal connection and exchange between teachers and students. Field trips and study trips lasting up to two weeks deliver insight into the geological field work. "

Lena Nowotny – Allemagne
Exchange student at ENSEGID

Keywords : environmental engineering, natural resources, geosciences, geothermal energy, geological storage, ecology, geology, hydrology, groundwater, sustainable development, environmental remediation, modeling, soil contamination, global change, natural hazards

Program in English at ENSEGID

The following course units are open to graduate (Master's level) exchange students during Fall semester starting in September

  • Main component (choose 1 out of 4) - 10 ECTS

    Applied geology

    • Basin synthesis 1 (outcrop data)
    • Basin synthesis 2 (subsurface data)
    • Geological modeling


    Water ressources

    • Integrated water ressources management
    • Advanced hydrogeology
    • Contaminated  sites


    Engineering Ecology

    • Terrestrial ecology
    • Remote sensing for land use and monitoring
    • Contaminated sites

  • Additional components (choose 2 out of 5) - 4 ECTS

    1st block session - November (choose 1 out of 2)

    • Georessources & storage (industrial speakers)
    • Geothermal Engineering


    2nd block session - January (choose 1 out of 2)

    • Energy mix and transition
    • Climate change, adaptation and water resources


    • MOOC Circular economy and innovative solutions


    • MOOC Acclimacampus: project related to GIEC report - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • Research project (EPOC laboratory) - 15 ECTS

    Choose a project proposed by a reseacher and work on it from October to March. You will be mentored by the researcher in order to learn research skills, gain in-depth knowledge of the area you have choosen to work on, write a report and give a final presentation of your objectives, findings and outputs.

  • French classes - 2 ECTS

    French courses for foreigners to help you with everyday conversations.





    Choose in our S9 English Program or in the full S5 to S9 French Program depending on your study level

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If you are a student from country eligible to Campus France OR If you are a worldwide student, with a geoscience study background

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